Healthy Organic Treats, Supplements
for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, degus,

Only Fresh, Certified Organic Ingredients used

Domestic herbivores do not have access to the herbs that are natural part of their diet in the wild. Commercial diets lack some important trace elements that are crucial for rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, degu well being. Also, we all know that pellets have added vitamins from synthetic / inorganic sources are not easily absorbed and digested by the body. That's why in addition to various hays it's important to supplement your herbivore with organic herbs that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty and amino acids, flavonoids from organic easily absorbed sources.

Our organic treats and supplements give your fuzzy a chance to experience the diversity of nature's flavors and provide lots of environmental enrichment.

Our products can be offered as part of regular diet or as a special treat!

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